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Putting Our Name On Your Line Since 1987

Image by Marissa Rodriguez


100 Years of saltwater fishing knowledge has gone into perfecting our lure designs and has made the Norton family company the leading authority in saltwater fishing lures.  Not only do fishermen love Norton Lures.... so do the fish!


GFX Jig Head

After 30 years of field-testing and improvements, we at Norton Lures say this is "THE Ultimate Jig Head".  Available in a variety of sizes, these heads were designed to match up with the complete line of Norton Lures.

The Norton Sand Eel Jr.

Introduced in 1996, the Sand Eel Jr. has become the top choice for professional fishing operations along the Gulf Coast.  The unique erratic action of the Sand Eel Jr. attracts fish and makes them eat it.


The Norton Bull Minnow

The Norton Bull Minnow is swimming bait with a unique swagger action that drives speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and snook crazy!  Tried and true design is a "Guides Favorite" and a daily staple on charter boats all along the Gulf Coast.

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